Problem G
String Stretching

Start with a string $p$. Now, create a new string $s$, like this: Start with the empty string, and insert $p$. Then, choose some position in the string (including, possibly, the very beginning or the very end), and insert $p$ again. And again. And again.

For example, suppose $p$ is “hello”. Starting with the empty string, a string $s$ might be generated like this (each new insertion of $p$ is in bold):

  1. hello

  2. hhelloello

  3. hhelloelhellolo

  4. hhehellolloelhellolo

So, after 5 steps, the string $s$ is hhehellolloelhellolo.

Given the final string $s$, find the shortest string $p$ which could have generated $s$. If there’s more than one with the shortest length, find the one that comes first alphabetically.


Each input will consist of a single test case. Note that your program may be run multiple times on different inputs. Each input consists of a single line with a single string $s$. The string will consist of only lower case letters, and will be at least 1, and at most 200, characters long.


Output a single line with the string $p$, which is the shortest possible string that could generate $s$.

Sample Input 1 Sample Output 1

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